Lexington Basketball Training

Summer Basketball Camp

2024 Summer Camp Registration is Open!

Summer Camps are held at Hayden Recreation Center in Lexington, Massachusetts.


Session 1July 1 to July 3, 2024Register Now
Session IIAugust 19 to August 23Register Now

Times: 9 AM to 3:30 PM

Register early.  This is a very popular program for boys and girls. Hayden Recreation Center manages registration.

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Basketball Training on Wednesday

Monday Night Basketball Training

Our year-round program for middle and high school students is designed to help athletes excel in tryouts and develop a deeper understanding of 5v5 basketball. Participants receive individual feedback and engage in drills tailored to enhance team play through game-like repetitions. After drills, athletes play full-court basketball, coached and controlled by our experienced staff. Drop-ins are welcome, but you must sign up in advance. This is a popular program with limited space, so secure your spot today!

  • Teach sound fundamentals
  • Build Confidence
  • Help kids get in shape
  • Teach 5 v. 5 concepts
  • Provide individual feedback
Lexington Basketball Training Clinics

Two-Day Summer Clinic Registration is Open

Two-Day Summer Clinics are held at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Clinic 1: July 1 & 2
Clinic 2: July 31 & August 1
Clinic 3: August 21 & August 22

Times: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Our Two-Day clinics emphasize both team and individual concepts and fundamentals. Through demonstrations, competitive drills, and live play, athletes will develop a better understand of team basketball while having fun.  It is the perfect program for athletes interested in trying out for a team, or for those who are looking to take their game to the next level. Limited spots available. 

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Private Basketball Coach For Girls

How do I sign up for Lexington Basketball Training programs?

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Basketball Training in Massachusetts

About Lexington Basketball Training

We are passionate basketball coaches and teachers who inspire athletes of all ages to reach their athletic goals.  Our coaching staff provides basketball workouts, camps, clinics, and individualized fitness programs for all ages, genders, and experience levels.  Below are just some of our offerings.

  • Pump It Up Basketball
  • Monday Night Basketball
  • Hayden Hoops Summer Camp
  • Private basketball coaching
  • Personalized fitness plans
Private Basketball Lessons

Private Basketball Lessons

Train with a private basketball coach!

Lexington Basketball Training offers high quality private basketball lessons for every age, gender, position, and skill level in the Greater Boston area. A private basketball coach can be the difference maker! Our coaching staff has extensive experience mentoring youth, interscholastic, and collegiate basketball players.  Through individual and group private basketball lessons, Lexington Basketball Training can help you take your game to the next level!

  • Fully insured basketball lessons
  • Led by high school, middle school, and college coaches
  • Private basketball lessons for guards, forwards, and centers
  • Individual lessons and small group basketball clinics

Text 781-603-2440 to learn more!


Pump It Up Basketball has taught hundreds of children.  This popular program frequently sells out.  Sign up at Lexington Recreation by clicking here.

Pump It Up Basketball Training

Pump It Up Basketball is a popular youth program for boys and girls ages 6 to 12. Run in partnership with Lexington Recreation.  All skill levels are welcome.

Under the direction of Lexington standout and high school coach Tom Henneberry, college coach Dan Holbrook, and coach Bob McDonough, Pump It Up Basketball strives to teach proper basketball fundamentals to boys and girls who want to improve their skills, stay active, and have fun!  It is the perfect introductory program, but is also a great program for experienced basketball players.

Through demonstrations, fun drills, and friendly competition, Pump It Up Basketball will emphasize both individual and team concepts while stressing the importance of respect, attitude, and being a good teammate. Participants will receive individual feedback every session and recommendations on how to improve.


Elevate Your Game with a Private Basketball Coach and Private Basketball Lessons!

Experience the highest quality private basketball lessons in the greater Boston area with Lexington Basketball Training! LBT strives to inspire athletes to be the best versions of themselves.  Investing in a private basketball coach can be a life changing decision.  We specialize in building confidence, and teaching sound basketball fundamentals.

Lexington Basketball Training specializes in training all positions – guards, forwards, centers, and in-between positions as well. Workouts are tailored to the athlete depending on their goals, athletic abilities, skillsets, and age.

In addition to learning sound offensive fundamentals, LBT also stresses the importance of individual and team defensive concepts. From closing out and keeping your man in front of you, to going from help side defense to boxing your man out on the rebound, we cover it all.

Click Here to learn more about our private basketball lessons.

Basketball Lessons For Girls

Basketball Lessons For Girls

Unlock your daughter’s potential with Lexington Basketball Training. Our private coaching has guided many girls to achieve their athletic dreams, from youth leagues to professional play. Our experienced coaches use proven techniques to develop muscle memory, perfect shooting fundamentals, master stances and dribbling, and enhance basketball decision-making.

We immerse our athletes in game-like drills that simulate real basketball movements and situations, ensuring they are well-prepared for any challenge on the court.

Text or call us at 781-603-2440 to schedule your session today and watch your daughter thrive!

Read more about basketball lessons for girls here.

Experienced Coaches

Lexington Basketball Training is made up of experienced coaches who have successfully coached middle school, high school, and college.  We are career coaches and teachers who are also excellent basketball practitioners.

Programs For Everyone

From introduction clinics to elite workouts, Lexington Basketball Training has basketball programs for all ages and skill levels.  We run popular camps, clinics, and private workouts.  Whether you are trying to get in shape for your adult league or your child is trying basketball for the first time, we have something for everyone!

Advice & Mentorship

Our coaching staff has extensive experience coaching all levels of basketball.  We provide sound advice and guidance to parents who are looking for information about AAU programs, prep schools, the college recruiting process, and more.  Our athletes and families benefit from our massive basketball network in many ways!

Benefits of Private Basketball Lessons

From Tryouts to Networking, let us help you achieve your future goals!

Private basketball lessons with Lexington Basketball Training provide many benefits to athletes and families. First and foremost, our coaching staff is passionate about working with athletes. Inspiring young men and women to be the best they can be is what we are all about.

We are career teachers and coaches who were also excellent basketball practitioners as high school and college athletes. Building confidence is our guiding principle and at the forefront of everything we do.

Our athletes also benefit from our extensive basketball networks. We have assisted many families and athletes with the next step of their basketball journey. This can include making teams, being recruited by high schools and colleges, and in some cases even earning scholarships. Our coaches are connected with many of the AAU, youth, high school, college, and even international programs.

Call or text 781-603-2440 to learn more.

Private Basketball Lessons in Lexington, Massachusetts

Coach Tom Brincklow

Private Basketball Coach

Coach Brincklow coached at Lexington High School for 20 years under legendary coach Bob Farias.  He has been a private basketball coach for over a decade. Brincklow was instrumental to the program’s storied success as he inspired and developed countless athletes.  Coach Brincklow is a master motivator and has mentored hundreds of athletes over the course of his coaching career. A four-year college basketball standout, Coach Brincklow was a 1,000 point scorer and is a member of his college’s Hall of Fame.

Coach Dan O’Keefe

Basketball Coach Dan O'Keefe

Coach Dan O’Keefe was a standout player at Lexington High School, scoring over 1,000 points and earning Middlesex League MVP. He received a full basketball scholarship to Bentley University, where his team reached the NCAA D2 Final Four. Dan finished his career playing under legendary coach Rollie Massimino. He has played professionally and is an excellent practitioner, known for his exceptional playing skills. Dan has trained and inspired hundreds of basketball players, connecting well with young athletes and serving as a natural teacher.

Private Basketball Lessons for Adults and Children! Register Now!

Career Coaches

We are career coaches and teachers with decades of experience training and inspiring athletes, and are passionate about helping our players reach their athletic goals.

Highly Rated

Our coaches set the standard for private basketball lessons.  We pride ourselves on how our coaches build strong relationships with athletes and their families.

Proven Methods

We build confidence and teach sound basketball fundamentals! No gimmicks! Hire us to be your private basketball coach!

Improve Basketball Shooting Form

Private Basketball Lessons with a private basketball coach enables athletes to work on the intricate details of basketball shooting form.  View the video above to watch world-renowned shooting coach Ernie Hobbie teach form shooting.

Workouts With Shooting Machines

Lexington Basketball Training is proud to provide our basketball players with the finest training equipment.  We have access to shooting machine at many workout locations such as Brandeis, Emmanuel, Middlesex, and Grace.

In Memory of Coach Bob Farias

In Memory of Legendary Coach Rollie Massimino

Lexington Basketball Training: Location

Our coaches offer various programs in and around Lexington, Massachusetts.

  • Monday Night Basketball Training is hosted at Grace Chapel.
  • Pump It Up Basketball is hosted at the Bob Farias Basketball Courts and at the Estabrook School.
  • Hayden Hoops Basketball Camp is hosted at the Hayden Recreation Center.
  • Private basketball training is hosted at Brandeis University, at the home of our athletes, and in private gyms at various high schools and colleges in the local area.

Our private basketball coaches are happy to provide individual basketball lessons at your home!  Contact us today to learn more!  Text 781-603-2440.