About Lexington Basketball Training

Lexington Basketball Training strives to inspire athletes to reach their goals and become the best versions of themselves.  Our coaches have decades of experience mentoring and developing athletes of all ages and skill levels.  Boys and girls, men and women.  We believe in teaching sound basketball fundamentals that translate into playing 5 v 5 basketball.  By placing a strong emphasis of developing muscle memory through proper body movements and repetitions, athletes improve their skills,  enhance their confidence, and develop a greater love for the game of basketball.  Our coaches are experienced in training point guards, shooting guards, forwards, and centers.  No matter what position you play, we can take your skillsets and athletic ability to the next level!

Our coaches have extensive experience training older adult athletes who want to get better at playing in adult basketball leagues, youth athletes who are preparing for tryouts, casual basketball players who want to improve so they can play with their friends in the park, college athletes looking to take their game to the next level, and everyone else in between.  We develop individualized workouts tailored to the athlete.  In addition, our workouts teach athletes how to effectively train on their own.  Whether you are a high performing athlete or someone who just wants to learn more about basketball, we have a program for you!

The coaching staff at Lexington Basketball Training hold  USA Basketball Coaching Licenses, have passed rigorous background checks, and are fully insured.

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Experienced Coaches

Lexington Basketball Training is led by career teachers and coaches.  Our coaches have years of experience at the youth, middle school, high school, and the college level.  With over 50 collective years of high level basketball coaching, we have trained hundreds of athletes.  Our methods of teaching basketball are tried and proven.  We aim to strengthen the athlete’s understanding of basketball while emphasizing efficient game-like body movements and sounds basketball techniques.

Lexington Basketball Training is fully insured and our coaches are certified by USA Basketball and the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC).